Friday, November 6, 2009

Your man, My man, THE man Jonathan Safran Foer is at it again.

J.S.F is such the sensation in contemporary American literature, and for some damn good reasons. His two novels, Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close were some of the most captivating and marvelous books I read, ever. Truly ground breaking writter, if you did not read this books, get them. You'll thank me later.
My friends and I have this cult-like obsession with him, and we found a while ago this link to a documentary he made for about Kosher slaughter houses.
Honestly I couldn't watch through the whole thing. It was gruesome and left me forever shaken. I was so comfortable under my kosher blankie I really thought the animals I was eating were "better" killed...... NNNNoooot.
I 'm not sure anymore if this was the drop that lead me to drop meat. Maybe?
Anywho, Safran Foer wrote a non fiction book.WHAAAT?!
Its called Eating Animals. WHAT??!!
Being that Jonathan is a regular on the New Yorker and the New York Times, they both have interesting articles about it, and I for one, will read the book, as a true fan does.
Although I am quite sure I will be traumatize once again.

Also while I'm at it, I will mention that  JSF is also married to an AMAZING writer, Nicole Krauss who wrote The History Of Love, which is such a beautiful read. Together they form, in my opinion the absolute hottest New York Vegetarian Jewish Intellectuals with Good looks couple. They are young, talented, proactive, and inspiring. They make me nauseous they're so perfect, but I won't hate them for it.

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