Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chillin with Schiele

Honestly one of the perks of living in Montreal is that they have proper French bakeries, and cafes. Before I get to the store, I pick up some kind of croissant  and a coffee.
Sensory memories galore.
Comfort zone.
If you give a french girl a croissant. Or something.
Well this morning, as I was sipping my coffee and munching on my pain aux raisins, reading my email, I get this invite to go see the FROM KLIMT TO KLEE exhibit at the Neue Gallery in New York.
As most of my friends know, I am a total sucker for German and Austrian Art, specifically in love with the work of Egon Scheile.
I really would love to hop on a plane and go to see this retrospective, and spend sometime in NYC while Im at it, but unfortunately I CAN'T, so I am here, chilling with Scheile, on a thursday morning, drinking coffee that taste like COFFEE.
This is why I like Egon so much:

He knows how to use white.

He is mad sexy

and so wickedly contemporary.

I found this editorial online from the magasine I-D , which is always a great go to for inspiration by-the by, and I think they totally rocked the Schiele aesthetics.


I totally adored it. What do you think?

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