Monday, August 13, 2012


Street Art is the movement of the last 20 years that has known the most growth and has had an impact far beyond what was expected, when in the late 70s the graffitti movement was born.
As a youngster in Paris, I was hanging out with taggers and graffers, some who would later become celebrated artists.
This week I came across the work of FIN Dac.
Seeing it on my computer screen is way different then it must be seeing the thing live, in the streets of London.
I love how FIN describes his style " In a short career, I have defined and perfected a paint style that ignores the accepted visual language of street art... I call it Urban Aesthetics - a modern-day take on the 19th century art movement."
You can check out all his stuff on his instagram, and on his site.Here are some of my faves.
 I love her! She's like a native punkess fashion goddess!

 And this one? You had me at crow on my head.

 Yes! I think this is in Portugal.  Like a brazilian Givenchy parrot lady. J'adore.
Fin, My bratha, you make a gurl wanna PAINT.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The search.

I am the daughter of a painter and of a writer. The granddaughter of a painter, and of a writer.
I grew up in a house where words and images were common currency, where Edward Gorey, Egon Schiele, Bob Dylan and  Guillaume Appolinaire were so familiar, they felt like uncles. 
As a kid,for my birthday, Christmas and Hannukah, I was given books and pencils, and so naturally, drawing and writing is what I did. I went to art school, and I eventually became an illustrator and a fashion designer.
Like the son of the butcher, who inherits his parent's shop, I continued in my parents foot steps, and practiced the family trade. 
It could have been worse, I mean, they could have been butchers.
When  my mother passed away last year, my world crumbled like a sand castle. I lost my true north, my compass, and literally could not find my way. I had to question everything, and with that, I stopped drawing.
I was also 8 months pregnant at the time, and chose to start my maternity leave early. I live in Canada where we have the luxury of a full year mat leave, and so with this paid sabbatical began my journey to find myself.
Who was I if not my mother's daughter? Did I actually like drawing? What was my purpose? What was my voice?  How was I going to leave a mark down here?
I was taught that everyone has something to say, that everyone is, in essence creative. This I know is true.
I am creative.
But was the solitary, sometimes reclusive life of the illustrator really for me?Maybe? Not so much...
Was I contemplative and observant like the writer? Eh....
I embarked on a mission to find my medium.
Let me clarify one thing, though. This was not necessarily a professional questioning. I am lucky to have a set of skills that can bring me money, so I can free lance and fall back to design anytime.
Like a real explorer on a map-less adventure, I was ready for surprises, hardships and self discovery.In an effort to be open to the unfolding ahead, I decided to try my hand at as many things as possible, and give myself the time to do so.
Coincidentally, I met a life coach ( like that, poof, she appeared at the mall) who agreed to take me on as a client, pro bono. Surely, she is going to help me map and track my search, and help in the exploring.
Learning and beginning are to me the most exciting parts of any projects. Inception, ideas, brain storming are where it's at.
At this moment, I started doing the following: writing and illustrating children's stories, writing a script for a rom com, being a ghost writer on a blog, podcasting, painting, taking photos, writing lyrics for a composer friend of mine, a parenting blog, and a style blog.
I decided to be like the YES man, just embracing any and everything that comes my way.
And then this dawned on me: I dont have to confine myself to one discipline, I dont have to "just" be an illustrator. I don't have to chose! Who said I had to chose?! Why did I think I had to chose?!
Is it because the term "renaissance man" sound so glorious, magnanimous, conceited and obnoxious?!
"Hi, my name is Sarah, I am a Renaissance Woman" ( I would have to carry a barf bag along with me everywhere I went).( you mean like the fair? you joust? )
No. I don't need a title to define me.
Labels are so 1992.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fast Forward 2 years

Since I last wrote here, my life has changes for the best, and for the worst and forever.
My mom died.
I gave birth to my third son.
I stopped working, and am not full time free lancing and dedicating myself to the full reinvention.
This blog can be a part of it, of my testimony to earth.
What it means to be Sarah. Lover of stuff , deep and shallow.
You cant escape growth.
I am growing, pains and all.
I'll document as I go along, the things that move me, the things that I think make it all worth it.
The sound, the sights, the thoughts, the tastes, the feel of it all. Because there is a lot of beauty out there, and in here, and I want to share it with yall.