Monday, August 13, 2012


Street Art is the movement of the last 20 years that has known the most growth and has had an impact far beyond what was expected, when in the late 70s the graffitti movement was born.
As a youngster in Paris, I was hanging out with taggers and graffers, some who would later become celebrated artists.
This week I came across the work of FIN Dac.
Seeing it on my computer screen is way different then it must be seeing the thing live, in the streets of London.
I love how FIN describes his style " In a short career, I have defined and perfected a paint style that ignores the accepted visual language of street art... I call it Urban Aesthetics - a modern-day take on the 19th century art movement."
You can check out all his stuff on his instagram, and on his site.Here are some of my faves.
 I love her! She's like a native punkess fashion goddess!

 And this one? You had me at crow on my head.

 Yes! I think this is in Portugal.  Like a brazilian Givenchy parrot lady. J'adore.
Fin, My bratha, you make a gurl wanna PAINT.

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