Friday, November 6, 2009

SOIS MOCHE ET TAIS TOI!!! (shut up and be ugly)

My friend and  wunderkind designer Charles Anastase created the Proud Of Being Ugly Group ( club des moches) on facebook, and I have to admit that I was a bit ...hurt....when I first got the invitation, until I was explained, slowly and nicely, that the point of the group was to let go of our  beauty stigmas, especially in the silly industry we work in, and to underline the fact that we all look butt ugly at some point during our lives, and as far as I'm concerned, that happens every morning.
Yes, people. I too am proud of being ugly.
Isn't my non-beauty actually leaving just enough space for me to be charming, funny, deep?
I like to think so...
I'm not going to go all Kierkegaard on you or anything, but I have often pondered at my fascination with beautiful things, places, music, books,and my lack of interrest in beautiful people. I was always more mesmerized by the awkward, exotic, rare, hard faces, and I think I am proud to be sporting one myself...
If you are on facebook, and you too look like ass at some point  during your day, join the group.
That being said, I was reading this style blog last time, called Balibulle, in which the writer, Charlotte Moreau, shows off different wardrobes and discusses style or whatever, and there was this whole post about her beauty daily routine, and how now that she is in her 30s, she has to buy and apply stuff to her face so that it wont fall apart Yeah. Thats what happens to most of us. We all reach a point when a good nights sleep and a lot of water are not enough to have fresh taught tight skin, and when we find ourselves perusing the aisles of our pharmacies looking at all these different products that swear to us, they will keep us young.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have bad news. Youth is not a creme. It is a moment in ones life, that is exciting and

 worth while, but unfortunately, ephemeral.  And no matter how tight our skin is, no matter how high our pigtails, no matter how short the cheerleader skirt, when we hit 60, we will be 60.
The creams might promise that this day will never happen, but it will and  I really hope it does.
I am not saying to stop putting on the eye cream that you "patpatpat around the eyes, and never spread". I am not saying that wanting to keep your skin fresh in your 30s is a delusion, I  HIGHLY RECOMMEND MOISTURIZING, and I understand why women, such as myself invest their hard earned dosh on creme.

No.What I am saying, is I want to grow old, gracefully and naturally. And when Im a Granny, I dont want to look like a tweenie.

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