Monday, November 9, 2009

So fresh and so clean, clean.

photo chantal michel from fffound ...ON DIRAIT GERALDINE,HEIN
We have a ritual at my house which is called Cinderella Sunday . You guessed exactly what it means, and so you can figure how my week end was. I got my boys to clean the fridge, I made it sound like a team sport and got them 50c each for helping, and lo and behold, the fridge was clean in less time than it takes to say " lo and behold", just a dollar later.
I am notorious on all 5 continents for my messes, and so today I am linking to a keeping your house organized post, in hommage to Anna, and all that she ever wanted to teach me!
In other good news, I actually got some pretty bad ass work going this week end. Late night sketching, good stuff. I promise to post my sketches. One day.

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  1. At first, I thought you took a picture of me in my apartment...almost eerie...