Friday, November 20, 2009

The greatest things happen when L.A and Paris meet.....

Appart from moi-même, another great by-product of the meeting of  L.A and Paris, is the Beck and Charlotte Gainsbourg collaboration. One of my favorite angeleno ever, the most ecclectic-weirdo-boogie-dancing-genius Beck went to Paris to produce Charlotte's album, IRM, which will be out in late december on Electra.

They made a song as a duo, Heaven Can Wait, and I dont know who directed the video, but its totally trippy and surprising in a way that I love.
I always liked Charlotte a lot,but as an actor more than a musician, because I found her tone a little whinny and whispery, and maybe also because of the adoration and love I have for her father Serge Gainsbourg's work saying that with all the respect and admiration i have for her, she is absolutely the coolest French woman alive, and by far the most stylish as well. Love her, right... but her music until now, I have to say, was a little YAWN for my taste.
Until He, the masked avenger from California came along, gave her a little 70s funk flair, all the while keeping her melacholy, but with just enough spice and beat to keep my attention, and make me want more....
I never get tired of him; from his first to his last album, I think Beck is one of the most accomplished musicians of our generation...
I leave you with these videos to watch and love.


  1. hey congrats for the job! what is it?

    i like the beck and charlotte G song. a lot. clip depressing though. Heille tu parles francais..oups.
    anyways, franglais, right?

  2. The director of the Beck/Charlotte video is Keith Schofield :)

  3. I love Beck his voice is just unique!!

  4. arent they just awesome??
    i just love love love both of em.
    paule its true its a little sepressing but in a good way!